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About me
I'm a gardener, recently moved to Belper. I've been self employed since January 2015.
I've been gardening since my parents gave me a corner of the garden at age 7. I promptly dug a muddy puddle and jumped in.
When I left school, I wanted to work in conservation, so I went to the University of Derby.
My first paid garden was in leiu of rent while struggling as a student. I also found work helping a local handyman over the summers.
Eventually I earned my Diploma in Environmental Science,
I moved to Sheffield for some time, and began working voluntarily for several local NGOs.
I loved the work, especially on rivers. I won some awards, and was in the Sheffield Star twice.
Eventually, I decided to try and make it on my own, and bought my first rotary lawnmower.
My first customers were my neighbours, before long, I'd done the whole street
Now I'm back in Derbyshire, and my services are available to all.

Gardening Specialist Construction
• Mowing Japanese Knotweed • Patios
• Weeding Lawn Treatments • Paths
• Borders • Garden Design • Small Walls
• Planting • Soil testing • Sheds
• Hedges • Environmental Management Strategies • Gazebos
• Transplanting • Fencing
• Strimming
• Small Trees
• Digging

Nothing goes to waste
I like to repurpose materials wherever I can, whether it be using old roof tiles as border edging,
or turning a collapsing shed into compost bins. When I can, I'll turn the green waste I produce
into compost, which will nourish your plants the next year. By recycling, I can keep costs down
and occasionally innovate new features.

All seasons
I've worked outdoors for a long time. The only time the weather will stop me, is if the job I'm doing requires it.
Certain tasks are seasonal. I spend the summer months keeping the green growth in check,
and do the large projects in winter.

Although I'm trained in using poisons without risk of overapplication, I prefer not to use them.
Your average spray bottle of weedkiller will sterilize the soil for several months.
It also tends to seep outward and into borders, killing plants you'd rather keep
and it builds up within the food chain, resulting in fewer bugs & birds.
I'm all about biodiversity.

Advise & Encourage
Take pride in your garden. I'll always try and encourage people to experiment and try their own hand at gardening,
offering hints and tips where I can. I don't hoard my gardening secrets, I think they're much better shared.

Self Sufficient
It's nice to be able to talk to (and sometimes work with) customers, but I don't need supervision.
Generally, I go by my own intuition and people are happy with the end result.
It's down to listening to customers,and learning what they want out of their garden.
If you have any suggestions or tasks that you'd like prioritised, let me know and I'll see to them first.

Several customers entrust me with keys to the house and outbuildings,
but I really don't like being inside. Do you really want my muddy bootprints everywhere?
Please don't be offended if I don't come in for a cup of tea, even if it's pouring out.